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SBI Thereza Kipnis Awards

The Thereza Kipnis Award is granted by the Brazilian Society of Immunology (SBI) to early career investigator, including young researchers and graduate students, for the best scientific work in the area of translational or applied immunology. The Award Committee indicated by the SBI board of directors will indicate the awardee from received applications. The prize is awarded to the winner during the closing ceremony of the SBI Annual Congress.

(*) Thereza Liberman Kipnis graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of São Paulo (USP) and obtained the Ph.D. from USP in 1973. From 1978 to 1992, she was post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Pasteur Institute. As Professor of the Biological Sciences Institute (ICB) at USP, she participated in the foundation of the Department of Immunology, where she worked until 1995. In 1995, she became Professor at the State University of North Fluminense (UENF), where she served as Pro-Rector for Research and Graduate Studies. During her scientific career, she made significant contributions to the understanding of immune processes and to the SBI. She died in 2008.

  1. Nominees must be Regular SBI members in good standing*. Eligibility of the nominee will be checked at the time of nomination and before presentation of the award.
  2. Nominees must be an early career investigator, including young researchers, post-doctoral fellows and students (Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D.).
  3. Nominees must be registered at the SBI Annual Congress and attendance at the meeting is mandatory.
  4. Nominees must submit a first-author abstract to the SBI Annual Congress, which will be evaluated for oral presentation in Thereza Kipnis Award Symposia.
  5. Candidates who compete for the Thereza Kipnis Award will not be consider for the SBI Scientific Abstract Award competition.

The award recipient will receive R$12,000 (twelve thousand reais) personal award.


Please submit award application by logging into your account at Abstract Submission system of SBI Annual Congress, choosing YES at “Want to compete Thereza Kipnis Award?”. All documents should be uploaded as a single combined PDF file.


  • Language: English (the organizing committee reserves the right to refuse any inappropriate written summary in English);
  • Summary expanded with up to four (4) pages, including tables, figures and references;
  • Margins: 2cm (right) and 3cm (left);
  • Font: Arial 12 and regular style, using “symbols” for special characters;
  • Single space between lines and paragraphs divisions;
  • Insert space between title, authors, affiliation and text.

July 18th, 2019.


  1. An Award Committee indicated by the SBI board of directors will select the awardee from received applications.
  2. The five (5) best applications will be selected by the Award Committee from the submitted abstracts for oral presentation in Thereza Kipnis Award Symposia.
  3. The prize is awarded during the closing ceremony of the SBI Annual Congress.


  1. SBI is not responsible for costs of registration, travel and lodging for SBI Annual Congress;
  2. SBI reserves the right to change the content of this regulation, including dates without prior notice;
  3. Thereza Kipnis Award participant authorizes the SBI to use the image in any media without burdening costs on image rights and/or copyright.


(*) Candidate must have the dues paid no later than July 2019 and overdue will not be considered.

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