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Pesquisador SBI

Terms and Conditions “BD Pesquisador SBI”

The objective of the contest is to encourage the technique of flow cytometry with multiple marking in Brazil. Proposals may be submitted in different areas of scientific research such as cancer, cell signaling, immune function, infectious and parasitic diseases, allergy, neuroscience and stem cells, among others. The multicolor flow cytometry technique must be used in the proposals (3 or more conjugated antibodies with different fluorochromes used in the same tube).

There will be 2 Awards paid on BD products related to the development of the submitted project, from the lines: BD Pharmingen™ and BD Immunocytometry Systems by BD Brazil:

1 award for “Pesquisador SBI” category – professional – Total amount: R$ 20,000

1 award for “Jovem Talento SBI” category – graduate student – Total amount: R$ 15,000.


1.1. The “BD Pesquisador SBI” contest is open to any student of masters, doctorates, postdoctoral students or teachers in all national territory, linked to a research Institution, laboratory or research promotion agencies.

1.2. Participants will be divided into two categories: (i) “Pesquisador SBI” – Professionals – postdoctors and researchers and (ii) “Jovem Talento SBI” – Postgraduate students (masters or doctoral students).

1.3. The Participating teachers/educational professional may not have more than 5 years of employment.

1.4. Members of the Organizing Committee and students guided by members of the Examining Board are excluded from this contest.

1.5. The candidate should be linked to a research institution, laboratory or linked to a research promotion agency.

1.6. The selected candidates must prepare an oral presentation in Portuguese language for evaluation of the examining board during the XLIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology.


The Contest will follow the phases and dates listed below:

2.1. Period for project submission: 01/04/2019 to 10/08/2019;

2.2. The project submission should be sent to the email address: with the following information: name, CPF, institution, registered category, project advisor and telephone.

2.3. The names of the candidates who will be approved for the oral presentation at SBI site, will be disclosed on BD Brazil webpage: – 01/09/2019.

2.4. The data of oral presentation and the two best project proposals selection will be released on: October 1st .

2.5. Date for symbolic delivery of prizes: October 2nd, during the closing ceremony of the XLIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology in Florianópolis, SC;

2.6. Date for actual delivery of the prize (products): the winners will have the credit in the total value of the prize and will be able to consume this value in up to 02 (two) product shipments. The products should be related to the development of the winning project and the quotation (s) should be sent to the email address: BD will provide the quote and will return by email for the approval. The selected products by the winner of the contest, must be confirmed by BD and will be imported, if there is no stock availability in Brazil, the delivery time of the products will be of 90 days, after the confirmation of the request. The total consumption of the credit should happen until November 1st, 2020, losing its validity after this date. No freight will be charged but the minimum billing amount per order will be R$ 500.00. The premium amount should be spent only on BD products from the BD Pharmingen ™ and BD Immunocytometry Systems lines related to the development of the submitted project.


3.1. Six proposals will be selected for oral presentation at the XLIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology;

3.2. From the 06 abstracts selected for oral presentation, the 2 best abstracts will be awarded – 1 abstract for SBI – Professional “Pesquisador SBI” category and 1 abstract for “Jovem Talento SBI” category – Graduate student – The Examining Bank will be responsible for the selection of the best summaries;

3.3 The oral presentation must be made by the candidate himself or another candidate, provided that he is the co-author of the selected work and the same category, in Portuguese for a maximum of 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for the examining committee’s questions. Failure to attend the event will result in disqualification of the project.

3.4. It will be a prize of R$ 20,000 for the SBI – Professional “Pesquisador SBI” category and a prize of R$ 15,000 for the “Jovem Talento SBI” category – postgraduate students paid in BD products related to the development of the submitted project, from the product lines: BD Pharmingen ™ or BD Immunocytometry Systems. The catalogs of the products can be found at In case of doubts, the candidate should consult the Product Specialist of your region or, should call for BD São Paulo Site: 0800 771 7157.

3.5 For the withdrawal of the prize, it is necessary to present documentation proving the link between the winner and research institution, laboratory or agencies of foment of research.



4.1. The participant should send the project to the email address:, with a maximum of 4,000 characters with space, including an abstract file in English filled up with name, institution, registered category, project advisor and telephone/ cellphone number.



5.1. The Examining Board will be composed by experienced flow cytometry’s field Researchers, with no employment relationship with BD and indicated by the Brazilian Society of Immunology.

5.2. The Organizing Committee will be composed by the company BD Biosciences Brazil and by the Brazilian Society of Immunology.



6.1. The proposal must be written by a candidate with the profile described in “item 1” of this regulation. The themes supported are those related to cancer research, cell signaling, immune function, infectious diseases, neurosciences, and stem cells, provided the use of the multicolor flow cytometry technique (3 or more fluorochromes used in the same tube). If the proposal is outside these areas, it will be up to the Judging Commission to evaluate the case.

  • 6.2. Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance, timeliness and impact of the project: projects that present themes with important relevance in their areas, with current challenges, great impact for the scientific community and society will be better evaluated.
  • Project feasibility: the projects presented should present a real possibility of execution.
  • Research strategies involving flow cytometry: the use of other flow cytometry techniques in addition to multicolor flow cytometry will be considered as differential.



The communication to announce the selected participants will be done by e-mail. The 6 selected participants for oral presentation will be communicated by e-mail informed in the application and will be exhibited on BD webpage



8.1. The selected abstracts, according to item 6, should be presented by the candidates in the XLIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology.

8.2. The 2 winners will be selected by the Examining Bank criteria.



The symbolic delivery of the award will be done at the XLIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology, at the closing ceremony of the congress. The Winners must request the products within 12 months after the results are disclosed with only 02 shipment orders during this period.


BD and SBI are not responsible for travel, accommodation and registration costs for the XLIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Immunology, where they will present the selected Projects.

BD reserves the right to change the contents of this regulation, including dates, without prior notice, together with the approval of the Brazilian Society of Immunology.

By signing up for the SBI Research contest, the participant authorizes BD to use its image and abstract of the project registered in the Competition for commercial, advertising, journalistic, editorial, didactic and other purposes that may exist in the future, distribution in national and international territory, for an indefinite period, destined to be disclosed to the general public and/ or for internal use of this company, provided that there is no distortion of its purpose, without incurring in costs with image rights and/or copyright .

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