Travel Award Winners – Click Here

It is a pleasure to announce the winners of the first SBI Travel Awards:

1) Tamires Lopes Silva (Universidade Federal Uberlândia)
2) Rodrigo Arcoverde Cerveira (Universidade Federal do Pará)
3) Gabrielle Brum Lopes da Silva (Instituto Brasileiro de Medicina de Reabilitação (IBMR))
4) Maria Cecília Campos Canesso (UFMG)
5) Airton Pereira e Silva (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
6) Anna Carolina Nitzsche Teixeira Fernandes Corrêa (UFRJ)
7) Érika Bertozzi de Aquino Mattos (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
8) Felipe de Souza Araujo (UFPE)
9) Gregório Grama Cavalcante (UFMG)
10) Ágata Lopes Ribeiro (UFMG)
11) Luís Henrique Costa Correa Neto (UNB)
12) Isabelle Mazza Guimarães (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
13) Bárbara Vieira (INCA)
14) Ágata Lopes Ribeiro (IRR-Fiocruz-MG)
15) Marcella Rungue Oliveira (UFMG)
16) Rephany Fonseca Peixoto (UF Paraiba)
17) Wanessa Veras Martins (UFAL)
18) Elane Conceição dos Santos (UFAL)
19) Ithallo Sathio Bessoni Tanabe (UFAL)
20) Danila Malheiros Souza (UFTM)
21) Stella Francy de Assunção (UFG)
22) Luciana R C Barros (INCA)
23) Gregório Grama Cavalcante (UFMG)
24) Krist Helen Antunes Fernandes (PUCRS)
25) Stefanie Primon Muraro (PUCRS)

Daniel Mansur (UFSC) – coordinator
Marcos Grisotto (UFMA)
Daniel Gomes (UFES)

PS: The winners will receive the check during the meeting.

Travel Awards are granted by the Brazilian Society of Immunology (SBI) to under-graduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are first authors of abstracts as a financial support to offset some of the cost of attending the congress. The goal of this award is to support students and post-doctoral fellows providing them with the opportunity to present their work and to network with influential researchers from Brazil and several other countries in an inspiring scientific setting.

Applicants have to be affiliated to SBI. Affiliation is available during the registration procedure.

Selection will take into account: (1) the submitted abstract, and (2) a letter of intend where the candidate will explain why this financial support is important for him(her).

The Congress Scientific Committee will indicate the awardees from received applications. The awardees will be announced at the congress website.


(1)  Indicate you are a candidate to a Travel Award during abstract submission by clicking the box Travel Award that is available in the electronic form.

(2)  Send a letter of intent (PDF format) explaining why this financial support is important for your work to the e-mail: The message should have the title TRAVEL AWARD CANDIDATE to facilitate processing the requests.