Maximum poster size: 0.90 m width x 1.20 m height.
Language: the text must be written in English.
Identification: poster will be identified with the corresponding abstract’s control number.
Poster set-up and removal: 
- Date: see date and time in the schedule,
- Bring the material needed for set-up,
- Posters not removed at the established date and time will be removed and destroyed by the organizers.
Certificate: presenting author will receive the certificate of presentation.


Poster Session/Room Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct 21
Tucuns Caravelas Tucuns Caravelas Tucuns Caravelas
Cellular Immunology (CE) - CE1 to CE22 - CE23 to CE45 - CE46 to CE71
Chemokines and Trafficking (CT) - CT1 to CT4 - CT5 to CT7 - CL24 to CL40
Clinical Immunology (CL) - CL1 to CL13 - CL14 to CL23 - -
Education in Immunology (EI) - EI1 to EI5 - - - -
Humoral Immunology (HI) - HI1 to HI5 - HI6 to HI9 - HI10 to HI12
Immunology of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (ID) - ID1 to ID60 - ID61 to ID133 - ID134 to ID204
Immunopharmacology (IP) - IP1 to IP16 - IP17 to IP30 - IP31 to IP46
Immunoregulation (IR) IR1 to IR23 - - IR24 to IR46 IR47 to IR76 -
Innate Immunity (IN) IN1 to IN26 - IN27 to IN54 - IN55 to IN76 -
Molecular Immunology (MI) MI1 to MI9 - MI10 to MI19 - MI20 to MI27 -
Transplantation and Immunogenetics (TR) TR1 to TR6 - TR7 to TR13 - TR14 to TR17 -
Tumor Immunology (TU) TU1 to TU16 - TU17 to TU33 - - TU34 to TU50
Vaccines (VC) - VC1 to VC19 VC20 to VC36 - VC37 to VC44 -


The authors are responsible for the attachment and removal of their poster in the specified areas. The poster must be attached in the afternoon of the presentation from 2pm to 5pm and removed in the next day of presentation from 10am to 12 pm